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12 Month Commitment (Retainer + Bonus on results)

  1. TALENT: Connecting your projects to celebrities and influencers
  2. MEDIA: Creating Media FOMO for your projects
  3. INVESTORS: Connecting your projects to Investors
  4. EXCHANGES: Connecting your projects to the biggest crypto exchanges

This is a 1 year contract where Sheeraz and his A-list team will go through a period of discovery, create an amplification roadmap for you or your brand. Then Sheeraz and the FAME team will advise and execute your branding strategy and what steps to take in real time to become world famous, increasing your revenue and dominate your competition.

This includes full time access to the FAME team and multiple meetings with Sheeraz (via Zoom) creating and implementing a media strategy for you, and being your real-time FAME consultant for all of your marketing, branding, online presence, social media, media buying, influencer marketing, celebrity activations, celebrity bookings, PR crisis management, media training, and more importantly, keeping your brand in the hearts and minds of consumers and driving more sales and open up international markets. 


Sheeraz Hasan will open up his network and set up targeted meetings with its VIP circle of High Networth Clients and Investors including connections in Real Estate, Gaming, Web3, Music, Media and  Entertainment, Sports, Healthcare, Fashion and Fintech in Hollywood, Middle East, India, Asia, Silicon Valley and Around the World.

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