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A complete blueprint  on how to become world famous

After two decades in the entertainment industry and the biggest case studies in pop culture history,  Sheeraz Hasan the No.1 FAME Strategist worldwide decided to create the first ever FAME Masterclass.  The Fame Masterclass is a complete blueprint for brands and talent on how to become world famous.



What do Kim K, Logan Paul, and Zendaya have in common? Just ask Sheeraz

He’s the self-made media mogul who turned them all into the world’s most famous celebrities


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Lesson #02

Lesson 02 - Don't Sleep Your Way to the Top

Learn the art of staying grounded and the importance of a strong spiritual foundation when FAME comes knocking at your door.

Lesson #03

I Want to be Worshipped

Find your ‘why’ so that you can discover the ‘how’ to unlock the door to your X-Factor. In other words, what do you bring to the table?

Lesson #04

How I Became an Overnight Success

Learn about how Sheeraz started and how to identify life's hidden gems that can change your destiny forever.

Lesson #05

Google Your Name

A comprehensive workshop on branding essentials and how to consistently have a strong brand presence.

Lesson #06

Google Your Name

Discover the power of authentic connections with powerful allies of your brand. 

Lesson #07

Don't Lie to Brands

Learn the critical distinction between "renters" and "buyers" in the world of influence strategy.

Lesson #08

Wake up! It's not about your a** or b***s

Learn the power of being an authentic person, committed to your moral code and values and drive more revenue.

Lesson #09

FOMO: Think Red Bull

The word FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out is much more than just an acronym: it's a driving force that ignites global excitement and fuels unprecedented engagement.

Lesson #10

The Social Media Rules No One Tells You About

Get ready to rewrite the playbook as we dive into Sheeraz’ groundbreaking 70/20/10 rule - a formula to embrace the true potential of digital presence in real time.

Lesson #11

Kim Kardashian Case Study

The epic activation that shut down Dubai Mall, bringing over 250k fans to meet the legendary Kim Kardashian. Study how Sheeraz Hasan orchestrated this monumental event.

Lesson #12

Paris Hilton Case Study

Learn how Sheeraz disrupted a $93 Billion dollar industry by taking over Beauty Expo for Paris Hilton’s Skincare Line.

Lesson #13

The Power of Paparazzi

Learn how to unlock the potential of these controversial professionals to change the game for you or your brand.

Lesson #14

Get Free Media

Master the art of timing to capture the world’s attention as you leverage current events to your advantage.

Lesson #15

Your Wrapped Car is your Business Card

Study how to creatively explore out of home advertising to generate huge ROI

Lesson #16

Jake Paul Wedding Case Study

How to transform normal events into breaking news

Lesson #17

Connor McGregor & Mayweather Case Study

How to hijack current events to create breaking news and huge exposure

Lesson #18

Show Brands Love: You Will Get Paid

Study how to play the long game and forge partnerships with big brands and talent

Lesson #19

Doctors Don't Hang Out with Actors

Learn how to effectively network.

Lesson #20

The Assistant is Loyalty

Dive deeper into how to network and how to build relationships.

Lesson #21

Jennifer Lopez in Qatar

Learn the strategy that locked in USD $2M for a 20min JLO performance

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