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FAME Masterclass

The “FAME Masterclass is an online course with 20 Lessons that break down what every brand or content creator needs to become famous. Sheeraz brought over $3 billion of earned media to stars like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Priyanka Chopra, Zendaya, Logan Paul, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and brands like P&G, Gillette, AB In Bev, and Johnson & Johnson. Learn how to become famous and dominate your competition from the biggest fame dealer in the world.

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Here are the ten courses included in the FAME Masterclass:

Leson #01 Watch for Free!

What is “FAME”? Why do you want it?

Before you take a single step on the journey to Fame, it’s important to know if you are in this for the right reasons. You might think you know this answer, but Sheeraz gets you to admit the hard truth and use it to power your brand to stardom. Once you find out your WHY we will direct you on HOW!

Class #1 Watch for Free!

What is “FAME”? Why do you want it?

Before you take a single step on the journey to Fame, it’s important to know if you are in this for the right reasons. You might think you know this answer, but Sheeraz gets you to admit the hard truth and use it to power your brand to stardom. Once you find out your WHY we will direct you on HOW!

Lesson #02

Don't Sleep Your Way to the Top

Learn the art of staying grounded and the importance of a strong spiritual foundation when fame comes knocking at your door and resist the temptation that can test the very core of your values. discloses the case of a celebrity who even though having it all, when it comes to fame, it may never be enough.

Class #3

Buyers Vs Renters

This is a core FAME by Sheeraz philosophy that leads to long term success over short term gains. If you want your name or brand to become a household name one day, this is a crucial concept to master.

Lesson #03

I Want to be Worshipped

Align your ‘how’ with your 'why' to craft a winning formula that will set you on the path to unparalleled success and dive in a voyage of self-discovery and self-reflection. It’s not an easy path, but your ‘why’ will get you there.

Lesson #04

How I Became an Overnight Success

In the pursuit of success, overlooking seemingly insignificant events can prove to be a costly mistake. In this episode, Sheeraz takes you back to the beginning of his career and reveals how a life-changing opportunity materialized, altering the course of his destiny forever. Amidst the struggles, hustles, and moments of despair, his unwavering determination and clear vision kept him steadfast. Attune yourself to the gift of recognizing signs from God, the invaluable ability of seizing life's hidden gems that can define your path to success.

Lesson #05

Google Your Name

A comprehensive workshop on branding essentials and how to consistently have a strong brand presence and how to harness the true power of social media and fan engagement with meaningful and shareable content.

Class #5

Live Activations

True star power is showing how many fans show up in person for you or your brand. Sheeraz has broken world records with his global star studded live activations and shares everything you need to know before doing one yourself. 

Lesson #06

Blue Checkmark: Befriend Journalists

Dive deeper into the importance of building trust on social media and  into the art of building meaningful relationships with journalists, powerful allies in your quest to stardom. Step into the spotlight with confidence as you learn to navigate the media landscape like a true insider.

Lesson #07

Don't Lie to Brands

In this eye-opening lesson, delve into the critical distinction between "renters" and "buyers" in the world of influence strategy. Cutting corners may yield rapid results but could ultimately spell disaster for your brand's future. Alternatively, stay resolute and embrace the buyers' strategy, a visionary investment in the long game. Learn from the mistakes of others to craft a rock-solid foundation for sustainable growth and success.

Class #7

How to deal with talent and How to deal with brands

Dealing with A-list talent and negotiating with top executives of the biggest brands in the world could be its own masterclass. Sheeraz gives valuable advice taken from his unrivaled experience in both arenas.

Lesson #08

Wake Up! It's not about your a** or b**bs

Witness how Sheeraz orchestrated a brilliant move, leveraging a huge brand to gain massive news exposure for Kim Kardashian. Drawing parallels to the renters vs. buyers strategy, Sheeraz reveals his pivotal role at the beginning of Kim Kardashian’s career when he advised her to embrace the path of a strategic buyer. Embrace the power of being an authentic person, committed to your moral code and values and drive more revenue.

Lesson #09

FOMO: Think Red Bull

The word FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out is much more than just an acronym: it's a driving force that ignites global excitement and fuels unprecedented engagement. In this dynamic episode, we unlock the secrets behind Red Bull's magnetic FOMO appeal. Don't miss out on mastering the art of FOMO and establish yourself as a trailblazing force.

Class #9

How to close

You’ve come so far, now it’s time to bring home the deal. Sheeraz gives you the exact method you need to unleash your inner Fame power and leave the table with the deal of a lifetime.

Lesson #10

The Social Media Rules No One Tells You About

Sheeraz Hasan peels back the curtain to reveal the untold rules of social media that no one talks about. Get ready to rewrite the playbook as we dive into Sheeraz’ groundbreaking 70/20/10 rule - a formula to harness the true potential of digital presence in real time.

Lesson #11

Case Study - Kim Kardashian 

Delve into how to make a resounding statement and join Sheeraz as he unveils the case study that shut down the biggest mall in Dubai, amassing an astonishing 250k fans to witness the legendary Kim Kardashian. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, witness how Sheeraz Hasan orchestrated this monumental event, and embrace the lessons of dominance to make your own mark in the world of influence.

Lesson #12

Case Study - Paris Hilton

How do you make boring events fun and disruptive? Just ask Sheeraz Hasan. He challenged the norms and disrupted a $93 Billion dollar industry by taking over Beauty Expo for Paris Hilton’s Skincare Line, rewriting the book about demolishing the competition. Learn how to stand out in the crowd the Fame way.

Lesson #13

The Power of Paparazzi

Hated by celebrities, loved by brands. Unlocking the potential of these controversial professionals can be a game-changer for your brand. By strategically aligning with paparazzi you can create breaking news around your products and change the winds of public opinion to your favor. Learn from Sheeraz Hasan's expertise how to master Paparazzi and captivate your audience like a true Hollywood star.

Lesson #14

How to get Free Media

Sheeraz dives into the art of securing free earned media and teaches you how to master the art of timing to capture the world’s attention as you leverage current events to your advantage.

Lesson #15

Your Wrapped Car is your Business Card

Learn how to truly embrace the power of inexpensive or unconventional advertising that can generate a huge ROI if used the right way

Lesson #16

Case Study - Jake Paul's Fake  Wedding

Sheeraz Hasan executed a jaw-dropping spectacle at Jake Paul's "fake" wedding, instantly catapulting him to the trending news. From just another celebrity wedding to the first page of every social channel’s feed, be ready to transform ordinary events into extraordinary media gold.

Lesson #17

Case Study - Hijacking McGregor & Mayweather Press Conference

In this epic case study, Sheeraz reveals how he misdirected all the media attention from the trending news of Floyd vs Mayweather fight from a single tweet, boasting Millions of Dollars in free earned media for his client. Learn how to cleverly attach yourself to the hot topics to crush your competition, even at tight budgets.

Lesson #18

Show brands love: You will get paid

Social media is no one-way street; reciprocity is key. To forge partnerships with top global brands, embrace a buyer's strategy and nurture enduring connections. Discover the essential art of playing the long game of love on social media with Sheeraz's expert insights.

Lesson #13

Networking - Doctors Don't Hang Out with Actors

Networking makes the world go round, but the true art lies in aligning your networking efforts with specific goals. Master this art, and you'll unlock a world of opportunities, where meaningful connections pave the path to success.

Lesson #13

Networking - The Assistant is Royalty

In the realm of networking, one often finds the true essence of success lies in nurturing meaningful connections with individuals across all levels of a company or industry, including assistants, waiters, valets and bodyguards. Embracing the art of genuine appreciation and respect for every person uncover hidden gems that pave the way to extraordinary growth and success.

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