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The “FAME Masterclass” are 10 online courses that break down what every brand or content creator needs to become famous. Sheeraz brought over $3 billion of earned media to stars like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Priyanka Chopra, Zendaya, Logan Paul, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and brands like P&G, Gillette, AB In Bev, and Johnson & Johnson. Learn how to become famous and dominate your competition from the biggest fame dealer in the world.

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Here are the ten courses included in the FAME Masterclass:

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What is “FAME”? Why do you want it?

Whether you are a brand or talent, if you are looking to become famous, Sheeraz gives you the truth about what this journey entails.

Class #2

What is Your X-Factor and What is Your Tool Kit?

Figure out what makes you special. Now make sure the world knows this too with a perfect “Toolkit.”

Class #3

Buyers Vs Renters

Before you begin investing money into your own brand, you need to understand the buyer’s and renter’s philosophy that has helped Sheeraz guide his biggest celebrities and brands into avoiding costly mistakes.

Class #4

Social Media and Content Strategy

There are 7 fundamental rules of social media to follow to become an industry leader. You want to create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Sheeraz shares his secret weapon of FAME and intellectually breaks down the KEY concepts and implementations that will give you the edge.

Class #5

Live Activations

Are you ready to disrupt the world and dominate your market? Sheeraz goes over the power of live activations, as well as which types work and what you need to know prior to doing one.

Class #6

Breaking News

No one does Breaking News better than the King of earned media himself, Sheeraz. Breaking News is a delicate art that, if done incorrectly, will backfire. If you do it right, however, it can be an overnight game changer.

Class #7

How to deal with talent and How to deal with brands

Dealing with talent and brands at the highest levels is another language that Sheeraz speaks fluently. He will give you invaluable advice and thorough guidance towards successfully working with brands to give them maximum value.

Class #8


You gotta “network” to “get work” baby. Networking is the most important aspect to master in order to grow your brand or your career. Sheeraz shows you how to reach the right people and build lasting relationships and partnerships.

Class #9

How to close

Now you’re at the table and it’s time to get paid. In Hollywood, some of the biggest collaborations fall apart every day at this step. Sheeraz gives you his secrets and expertise in “Sealing the Deal” at your meetings.

Class #10

Your Roadmap

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve already learned a lot. Sheeraz organizes all his lessons into an accelerated roadmap that is simple to follow as you begin your journey towards FAME.

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